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www.rci.com resort directory

Log into www.RCI.com resort directory but before you do, compare www.rci.com resort directory to TimeshareJuice.com, a new exciting alternative for timeshare exchange. TimeshareJuice is free – there are no membership fees and no exchange fees. You don’t have to use RCI or RCI.com resort directory to exchange timeshares anymore. Other timeshare exchange companies have many timeshare exchange options for you besides the RCI.com my account to exchange your timeshare this year. Many owners still don’t know about TimeshareJuice.com as the ONLINE timeshare exchange service. Save your money and exchange timeshares online at TimeshareJuice and have more fun than ever. In this article you will learn about RCI.com resort directory, RCI.com, RCI Resorts, as well as timeshare exchange alternatives like TimeshareJuice and more.

See a video about the difference between RCI Exchange and Timeshare Juice.

www.RCI.com resort directory

RCI members use  www.rci.com resort directory to log into the RCI.com website for their annual timeshare exchange. But many timeshare owners don’t know about the alternatives available to them right now online. New services like TimeshareJuice offer a faster, simpler and FREE timeshare exchange service through the Internet. If you currently use Facebook then you will have no problems at all using TimeshareJuice. Just log on and make your timeshare available. Offers to exchange are made directly to you at no charge.

What is RCI.com Resort Directory

Resort Condominiums International (RCI) is the largest timeshare exchange service in the world with over 3,000,000 timeshare owner members and was founded in 1974. RCI owns the RCI Directory. RCI was founded by timeshare owner Christel DeHaan. RCI provides a large written catalog of timeshare resorts for members to browse in order to book their timeshare exchange. Once the member finds several resorts that they are willing to travel to, they call RCI, deposit their timeshare week in the RCI bank and wait until one of those resorts to open up for a trade. If the resort never opens up or another owner gets that week first, the timeshare owner has the right to remove their timeshare from the RCI bank and use it themselves. Members of this site complain that it is too late at this point to go anywhere else and must use their week or lose it. The other complaint is that they still have to pay RCI an annual membership fee of $99 whether a trade occurred or not. Never the less, RCI is a large and profitable company with revenues in the billions of dollars.

RCI.com Overview

RCI.com my account is the website access for the club members of Resort Condominiums International (RCI). There are 3 million club members, the largest timeshare exchange club in the world. Many RCI members are looking for alternative options for timeshare exchange.

Timeshare Exchange
Timeshare owners have the ability to exchange (or trade) their timeshare with another owner each year. Owner A can visit the resort of Owner B and vice versa. This is called timeshare exchange. RCI is a timeshare exchange system whereby RCI acts as a middleman or broker in the timeshare exchange transaction. Owner A deposits or banks their timeshare into the RCI bank and then Owner B can withdraw the week in order to exchange.

RCI Directory

There are RCI resorts in over 100 countries, encompassing all major resort destinations available to users of RCI.com my account. This directory of timeshare resorts is called the RCI Directory. TimeshareJuice also has a large selection of thousands of resort properties all over the world available for exchange. RCI.com my account has a resort network that is large and broad in selection. Many RCI members choose to own more than one timeshare interval. That means they have a larger selection to choose from of the RCI Directory and RCI.com my account.

What is RCI.com Directory for Timeshare Exchange

RCI.com my account timeshare exchange is a timeshare exchange company with a large catalog of timeshare resorts called the RCI Directory. RCI and Interval International timeshare exchange club are the two largest timeshare exchange clubs in the world by far. RCI is a timeshare exchange club (similar to Interval World) that timeshare owners join and pay annual membership fees to be a part of the club. Members also pay fees each time they exchange their timeshare with RCI or Interval International.

RCI.com Directory Fees

Annual Membership: RCI = $100 (TimeshareJuice.com is free)
Timeshare Exchange transactions: RCI = $139-$199 (TimeshareJuice.com is free)

Other fees
RCI = $39 (TimeshareJuice.com – Doesn’t have any)

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Timeshare Exchange Video

You can now exchange and rent your timeshare at Timeshare Juice!

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