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Interval World (IntervalWorld.com) Timeshare Exchange

Interval World

or IntervalWorld.com is the web-address for Interval International, a timeshare exchangecompany.

Timeshare Exchange is now Free for many IntervalWorld.com members. Unhappy with the current level of service, IntervalWorld members have begun to look at other timeshare exchange companies to help them trade their timeshare. New exciting online companies offer a simpler, easier, and less expensive service.  No matter how you exchange your timeshare, whether Intervalworld or Timeshare Juice.com, timeshare is a wonderful way to have the very best vacations for you and your family.

I invite you to come visit us at TimeshareJuice.com and learn what we’re all about. As timeshare owners, we understand the needs of owners and we created the website to make timeshare ownership better than it is today.

Video: IntervalWorld Timeshare and Timeshare Juice.com

Interval International’s vacation exchange network consists of over 2,000 resorts and nearly 2 million member families worldwide. Interval began in 1976 as a direct competitor to RCI timeshare and was partially funded by Marriott.

IntervalWorld provides its timeshare owner members from around the world the ability to timeshare exchange and a variety of other exciting benefits that offer value and convenience at home and on the road.  Interval World, the website, was offered to enable timeshare members the ability to deposit their week on the Web with Interval International Timeshare.

IntervalWorld.com Resorts

There are over 2,000 in the club including Westgate resorts, Marriott Resorts, Disney and much more. These are all available at Interval World.com

IntervalWorld.com Exchange

Interval International Exchange does not own any resorts. Member resorts, Interval International Resorts, must become a member of the network. And while the properties are not owned or managed by Interval International, they all must meet Interval’s criteria for quality. Although Interval International Resort reviews are not written by timeshare owners, they are considered to be somewhat accurate most of the time. The interval exchange process is initiated when a member deposits or banks their interval into the Interval World system. That allows them to withdraw another interval of equal value for a vacation.

IntervalWorld Vacation Club

Interval Vacation Club can not only book your timeshare exchange but offer airfare and car rental accommodations. This service is called Interval International Travel. Interval International is currently led by CEO Craig Nash.


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